Exterior perspective: View from Persiaran Sultan Salahuddin

The museum offers the viewer a particular spatialization of knowledge- a storage device- that stems from the ancient art of memory. To recall specific facts, or to remember parts of a speech, the orator visited the imaginary rooms, passing through the house in sequence and demanding of each location its specific contents. The path through the sequence of rooms narrated the evolutionary development of history and simultaneously walled in the heterogeneity of time.

To locate a museum in such historical and geographical significant site, a lower side of the hill where a vast area with less gradient is selected to orient the building, with such act, the evacuation of the soil at the slope is kept to the minimum and also without interfering occasional on-going commemoration activities at the existing Tugu Negara. Hence, the overall expression of the building is simple and horizontal, embracing the existing landscape by gently submerging into the ground, paying respect to the existing monument at higher altitude without overpowering it.

Site Plan/ Roof Plan

Ground Floor Plan

Lower Ground Floor Plan

First Floor Plan

Section 1

Section 2

Section 3

Two stages of memory construction are being applied in this design. Firstly, is the revelation of History of Malayan Emergency via the main thematic galleries, with the intensified sensory dimension with the power of light, shadow, and texture. Whereas the construction of memory is fully established with the engagement of visitors with the memorial wall with the name of fallen inscribed on it. The name as representations of individuals tend to evoke very specific memories about that individual, it will be immediately highlighted without symbolic reference.

01 Subtlety / Landscape Statement

Upon the arrival of visitors from the underpass or the junction of Jalan Parlimen, a humble landscape statement will be presented within their vision.

02 Dialogue / Site & Building

The building is further engaged with the site by extension of the existing forest into the lobby of the museum, then gradually expand outward.

03 Revelation / Introduction

A double volume introductory volume composed of the light material, which is contradicted with the heavy material at the envelope of the building. It acts as a sense of revelation of history before proceeding to specific thematic galleries.

04 Searching / Into deep

A step way going downward is signifying the gesture of going deeper into the history in order to obtain a better understanding of the overall historical narratives, especially the dark period- Malayan Emergency.

05 Interconnection / Imagination

The 2 level galleries are interconnected by the volumetric space. Within this space, the visitors could have a visual linkage between 2 thematic galleries to further relate the historical impact of certain periods. Besides, the sensory dimension will be intensified with the projection of daylight onto the wall

06 Re-looking / Emergency Period

Before proceed to the memorial path, the visitors will pass through the pathway that is surrounding the Malayan Emergency Gallery- to re-look again into the dark period before the memorialization.

07 Departure / Memorial Path

At the beginning point of the memorial path, the visitors could view the partial rear view of the Monument.

08 Arrival / Monument

At the end of the memorial path, a complete figure view of the Monument will be seen by the visitors. It signifies the complete end of the journey.